While we understand the concern, we believe that the cost is reasonable compared to other traditional materials, especially when comparing the different formats between Packback and other free platforms. We have been asking students on Packback to see what they think about the cost and these feedbacks speak for itself:

Perry Rider from Dixie State University: "In previous classes, I have had the canvas discussions, and I didn’t like them because they ended each week and sometimes you wouldn’t get a response or even care if you did. It was all about getting the participation points. With the continuous discussion on Packback, even if you submit at the end of the week, everyone still sees it the next week and it is a lot more integrated into a real discussion rather than participation"

William Kirk from Jefferson State Community College: "I think Packback is great for asking some serious questions. It helps people think critically about the topics as well as spreading knowledge. I feel I have learned a few things from it. Worth the [cost]."

Unlike other discussion platforms, we provide not only a tool but a service to both students and professors. In order to maintain Packback as a safe community, our team puts tireless work in moderation and coaching so the access fee that students pay will help cover the service cost from our team.

Students can think of it as lab fee or textbook cost, but cheaper!

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