What is Curiosity Scoring? I am a student, how can I get higher scores?

The Curiosity Score measures quality of your questions and answers on Packback. Every post earns a point score out of 100 based on its Depth (how thoughtful you were in forming your response), Credibility (citing high-quality sources), and Presentation (using our Text Editor to properly format, and inserting images/video).

You can get higher scores by posting questions and responses that are more aligned with our guidelines. If you'd like an example, the "Featured" tab has a collection of high-quality questions and responses.

Feel free to check out our blog if you'd like some more background info on our thought processes.

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  • Curiosity scoring is what defines the thought process of any individuals questions and answers that follow.

    and based on your response you can get a higher scoring on the subject with a well thoughtful reply. 


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