I am a student, how can I improve my Curiosity Score?

In general, a great way to improve the quality of your posts is to evaluate where your posts sit in Bloom's Taxonomy. Using this framework is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and your classmates by asking bigger questions or answering questions in a more in-depth way!

When composing questions, consider these steps to increase your score:

  • Deep Questions: linked here are some question starters and examples from each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Looking at these question starters from the higher levels of this taxonomy (Analyze, Evaluate, and Create) should give you some ideas of bigger questions to ask.
  • Question Body: Make use of this feature to add some clarifying points or sources to build out your headline question. This will help make your prompt more rich and thought provoking.

When composing answers, consider these steps to increase your score:

  • Depth: be thoughtful in your response; be sure you are answering your questions at the higher levels of Bloom’s and expanding your thinking beyond just a few sentences.  We also reward the first answer posted to a question with bonus points as it provides additional content depth to the Packback community.
  • Credibility: cite a high quality source; unsupported opinions don’t make for good answers. Including your sources also provides good follow up reading for the community. Just make sure you don’t over-quote as responses run afoul of our plagiarism policy will be removed.
  • Presentation: use our Text Editor to format your answers & insert interesting images / videos to elevate your answer quality. Creating an Answer Summary is also a great way to highlight the key conclusions of your answer to readers.
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