Packback asked me to pay again?

Packback might ask you to pay again, but don't do that if you already paid for the community access! :) There are a few reasons why this could be happening: 

  1.  You created another account that is different from the one you registered and purchased access with. Pay attention to the registration and confirmation of the purchase emails you received! We include your name and email in the email "Thanks for purchasing Packback Questions!", so you can make sure which one you should use.
  2. There may have been a typo in your email address when you registered. If you are certain you registered and even posted in your community, but you're suddenly not able to access your account, it could be that you had a typo in your email address (which may also explain why you're not receiving our password reset email). Don't panic! Just send an email to first before creating another account and paying again!
  3. It might be something else! In rare cases, a glitch on the website may have caused you to be removed from your community. Don't panic! Send an email to and we'll add you right back to your community after confirming your payment.
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