What is Custom Feedback and how do I use it?

While Packback is a Smart Discussion platform, we see a huge component of our product’s purpose as helping professors scale the impact of their feedback for their class.

To help professors have more control over the feedback their students receive, and to help that feedback provide scalable expectations to the class at large, we have introduced a new feature, “Give Feedback”. This feature supports 3 main objectives in classes:

Scaling Professor Feedback: When professors offer Praise feedback on a post, it appears on that post publicly! This enables professors to scale the visibility and impact of their feedback by praising featured / pinned posts to help students build pattern recognition on what is a good post.

Giving professors more control: In the past, the feedback that students received through the Packback platform has always been entirely automated feedback- even if the professor chooses to Feature or Moderate a post. Now, if a professor wants to praise a great post, they can leave a custom comment and feature it at the same time! Conversely, if a professor sees a post that should be moderated, the student can now receive a custom feedback message from the professor telling them why they moderated the post and how to improve.

Improving student experience: The biggest variable in student satisfaction on Packback is how much they feel like the professor CARES about them and the use of the platform. The “Give Feedback” feature introduces the ability for a more personalized experience for the students.

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