What are Curiosity Credits and how do I use them?

Here at Packback, we value investing in students and we support accessibility in every aspect. That's why we've introduced the Curiosity Credits program! This program will provide you discounts on every eligible curiosity community you need access to.

How to use them

Each time you (a student) purchases access to a Packback community, that purchase is counted and will earn you an additional $3 off in “Curiosity Credits” to be credited towards future community purchases, up to a maximum of $15 off.

For each paid community membership that a you purchase on Packback, you will earn another $3 off your next community purchase until you ultimately reach a minimum price of $10 per new community (Communities $10 and under cannot be discounted any further using Curiosity Credits).

The Credits you accrue are permanent and are applied automatically at checkout; Curiosity Credits do not get “spent”! They are an earned discount that will be applied at checkout for all of your communities!




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