I want to give a student Praising feedback and I want it to be private; is this possible?

Not at this time. While the case for private coaching feedback could be made for students who are very shy about receiving feedback, the goal of the Custom Feedback feature is less on directing an individual student, and more about applying feedback on key posts that can help provide examples for the entire class on how to have effective discussions.

Making Praise feedback private would not enable the feedback to be scalable in large classes, as it would be visible only to the student and it would be impossible for the professor to leave private feedback on all students’ posts.

The ability for students to even just see that their professor is logging in, reviewing the community, and providing Praise feedback to a few posts is extremely valuable for all students in the community as it shows that their professor cares, is paying attention, and helps them to see the professor’s opinion on “example setting” posts.

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