What ways can I sort through my Curiosity Feed?

Clicking on the Sort drop-down menu on your Curiosity Feed will give you the option to sort your Curiosity Feed by a variety of filters.


  • New -- The most recent posts in your community. Help get these discussions going!
  • Hot -- These are the posts with high Curiosity Scores, a high number of Sparks, and a large number of responses from other people in your community. If you’re not sure what a good-quality post should look like, check these out!
  • Undiscovered -- Posts that are still waiting for responses. Help get those discussions going!
  • Quality -- These are the posts that have met all the criteria of a good-quality question or response and have earned high curiosity scores.
  • Active -- Posts in the community that have received the most responses. See if there’s anything more you can contribute to these discussions!

  • Sparked -- The posts in your community that have “sparked” the most curiosity. Check out what makes these posts so engaging!
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