Where can I find my Curiosity Score?

There are a few places where your Curiosity Score can be found!

Your Curiosity Score can be found on your Packback profile which you can access by clicking in the upper right hand corner where it says “Hello, Your Name” and then selecting Your Profile.The table at the top of your profile is your All-Time Stats -- basically a summary of your Packback history -- where you can find your current Curiosity Score.Curiosity_Score.PNG

If you want to see a breakdown of your score by community, simply scroll down on the same page to the section titled “Activity” where you will be able to see the Curiosity Points you have earned in both Current and Past communities.


And finally, you can also check on the Curiosity Scores of individual posts within your community. At the bottom of each question or response you leave, you will see an icon like this   that indicates the score you got on just that post. This number is then factored in to your All-Time Curiosity Score that we mentioned above!

If you would like to know more about our Curiosity Scoring System, take a look at this helpful post on our blog: https://blog.packback.co/2017/01/20/introducing-the-packback-curiosity-scoring-system/

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