For what reasons could my question be flagged or moderated?

Your question can be flagged by anyone in the community for a number of reasons, including: 

  • It was a closed-ended question: The answer to your question has a "correct" or straightforward answer and does not invite classmates to respond in new and unique ways. Find out how you can edit your closed-ended question here:
  • It was plagiarized or consisted primarily of quoted material: Much of your post was quoted directly from an online source with little to no original thoughts or ideas interspersed.
  • It contained profanity or offensive language: Your post contained language that was inappropriate to the topic being discussed or generally conveyed a hostile tone.
  • It was too class-specific rather than concept focused: Questions about class-logistics like "When is the next test" or "Is class canceled?" will be flagged and removed, as Packback is a place for concept-focused open-ended discussion.
  • It was inappropriate for the community: Posts that contribute to a negative learning experience for yourself and peers in your community will be flagged and removed.
  • It was off topic from the subject of the class: While we appreciate students posting about a variety of topics, we also want to make sure the Curiosity Feed is populated with ones that pertain to material learned in class.
  • It was a statement, not a question: Whether it be from the language or the structure of it, your post does not currently pose a question to your classmates and you may need to reword it.
  • It was a duplicate of another question posted earlier in the community: Oops! This question already exists somewhere on the community and may have a few responses already.
  • It was a direct homework, study guide, or test question without showing work: Packback is a forum for creative, open-ended discussions and should not contain direct questions from other course materials.
  • Professor has provided custom feedback: Your professor or TA has something to say about your post that they think would make it better!

Once a post has been flagged for any of the above reasons, it will be brought to our moderation queue where it will be further investigated by a member of the Product Support team. Don't worry, just because a post is flagged does not necessarily mean it will be moderated!

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